Our Philosophy

At JC’s Tennis Academy a good coach is an individual who with integrity, dedication, discipline and knowledge of his hers teaching is able to maximise the potential of each student regardless of their level. The goal of JC’s Tennis Academy is not only to teach our students how to reach their maximum game potential but give them tools to become an athlete of life for the future.

Joseph Henriques
CEO and Founder

Joseph Henriques who is the son of a former beauty queen and Bond actress is a distinguished & internationally recognised Tennis Director successfully designing programmes for Centres of Excellence in Tennis. He was educated to an Elite level as a USPTR Tennis Professional & represented them as a National Examiner in Turkey. Joseph also holds the RPT European National Professional level and holds the USTA Sports Science levels 1 and 11. Joseph is also author of many Tennis technical manuals & magazine articles and is a member of the International Coaches Institute.

Hussain Kadhem
Managing Director and Founder

Born in Bahrain, Hussain Kadhem, Managing Director and Tennis Professional at JC’s Tennis Academy comes with a wealth of corporate experience. International Baccalaureate in Business Sci, BA with Hours in Marketing Management. Spent some of his time in the United Kingdom before moving back to Bahrain. Previous experience includes working in the Real Estate and Consulting Sector. Specialised in Marketing Management, Public Relations, Buyer Behavior and Strategy, International Advertising and Retail Marketing.