JC’s Boot Camp


JC’s Fitness Boot Camp has been created to satisfy everyone’s need to improve and maintain the physical condition appearance and good health. We do it by making you lose weight and toning your muscles up to you achieve the best shape of your life.

No matter in what fitness level you are in now, we’ll take you through an energetic, dynamic and Functional circuit training that involves a combination of body weight exercises, resistance training, interval cardio moves and other cutting edge conditioning exercises. Our programs are progressive and take anyone from any shape and size that is ready to change your body and life.

JC’s Fitness Boot Camp offers the following benefits

No contracts
Exciting workouts
No registration fees
No cancellation fees
Intense workouts according to your level
Train with inspiring music in a natural environment
Results in 30 days
We work 2 days per week (Saturdays at 10:15am and Wednesdays at 7pm)
We will delivery healthy recipes and fitness tips weekly free

We guarantee you the following results

More than 6% improvement in strength-endurance
More than 10% improvement in endurance
Decrease more than 1 inch in the midsection
Between 1 – 5% reductions in body fat
Improve agility, strength, and flexibility
Increased self esteem and confidence
Meet people (friends)
Increased muscle
Increased energy
Exciting workouts
Decrease stress
Better relaxation

timeiconTime: Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm

calendarDate: October 18 – December 18, 2014

  • JC's Boot Camp

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